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The Game Effect Review

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Expansion Review

The DLC we have come to expect from Bioware

By Ryan Deubler on 7/27/2011
Depending on who you ask, Dragon Age II  was either a very enjoyable game, or merely a rushed sequel that disappointed in a number of ways. However, it's still a Bioware game and, as expected from them, will be receiving the normal DLC treatment given to the majority of their major releases. Legacy is the first of multiple expansions planned for Dragon Age II, but is it worth the time and money to pick up?


The DLC takes place away from Kirkwall, which is a good change to the game and will no doubt be welcomed by most people. Hawke travels to investigate why the Carta has taken such an interest in him, and apparently what "interest" means in the Dragon Age universe involves a lot of fighting. The story for Legacy admittedly starts slow, but after grinding for 20 to 30 minutes it begins to pick up. Hawke gets a special key (which also apparently translates to "weapon"). The form the key takes will vary based on your class in order to make sure that it is possible to equip. Throughout Legacy, your weapon, err, key will grow more powerful. How it grows, is actually up to the player. By the end, three different bonuses are chosen making the weapon feel unique to each player. The story will eventually take the player to darker areas, such as a Grey Warden prison, and does improve over time. It seems like the narrative doesn't touch on Hawke's history as much as it could have, but it certainly has other high points. Indeed, the player will encounter a few Wardens, and truly fight an "ancient" evil that fans of the Dragon Age Lore will understand. Legacy lasts about as long as your standard Bioware DLC, somewhere between 2 to 3 hours, and unfortunately seems a bit on the short side for a piece of $10 DLC.

New Environments, Old Gameplay

Probably the most notable element of the Legacy DLC is that the environments and dungeons provide for a nice departure from the Dragon Age II norm. One of the biggest problems I had with the Dragon Age II was that I felt like I was running through a total of two different warehouses and three caves whenever I wasn't walking the streets of Kirkwall. Bioware seemed to take their time here and made sure to make the environments almost completely different from anything we've seen in the core game. The result is an experience that once again inspires the player to explore the world they're in; something that many have longed for since Dragon Age: Origins.

Gameplay is basically the same, albeit with a few added enemies. The game starts off simple enough fighting the Carta's dwarves, but eventually escalates into engrossing battles against darkspawn and demons scattered about the landscape. A few of these enemies are actually unique to the DLC, which also impressed me, and it didn't seem like we got to see as many darkspawn as we should have in Dragon Age II. The only thing I found frustrating about the combat involved my team. During the last fight, my allies would get lost trying to walk around a rock or not walk closely enough to Hawke, resulting in them getting engulfed in the enemy's fire spell. This usually meant a quick death for them, leaving me to fight by myself.

Overall Impression

The price is rather steep despite what seems to be a meaty quest in a new environment. It does reveal a bit about Hawke's father and the story does get more interesting as it progresses, but doesn't seem to have much of an impact on anything outside of that. It's also more of the same combat you either love or hate from the franchise. As a reward for making your way through Legacy,  the player does get to keep the unique weapon that they created throughout the course of story, which is also a plus if you are still playing through the main quest. The price is worth the experience depending on how much you want to play another involving quest and obtain a unique weapon whenever you start a new game.
The Good
  • New Environments
  • Unique, customized weapon
  • More darkspawn
The Bad
  • Short for the $10 price
  • Slow Start
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 1
adishkaushal on August 21, 2011
very boring in the start
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 2
dbrowderjr on August 08, 2011
I have yet to purchase DA 2 but have played through DA 1 completely.The demo has got me hooked though as Bioware usually does with their games.I am extremely disappointed with the length of the content.My friend was very excited to buy this and when it was all said and done he explained that he had beaten it in one hour.That seems forgettable to me.When I do purchase DA 2 this will be an impulse buy for sure...only because I like to keep my games complete.
Reply Icon Reply
You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 1
Sawbones12 on July 30, 2011
Well, at the very least, it seems like they're listening to the various complaints about the game. Shame about the length but that's pretty much to be expected from a Bioware DLC.
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 1
Merfyz on December 09, 2011
I hope with Mass Effect 3 they will make they're DLC much longer and bigger.
Reply Icon Reply
You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 3
Patriot65108 on July 28, 2011
I'll wait for the eventual Deal of the Week sale and pick this up.
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