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New Prototype 2 Dev Diary Showcases Hunting Mode

Hunt Kill and Become Your Prey In Latest Prototype 2 Footage

By Nick Schneider on 12/17/2011
James Heller has an uphill challenge with a military faction out for him, and a rising number of mutated monsters rampaging through New York. In  Prototype 2  the task of tracking down specific targets to kill and consume will be made easier using an ability that works similarly to sonar. Heller can send out a pulse through the city, and the ping back will illuminate his desired target making them more vulnerable for a surprise attack. The team at Radical Entertainment has released a video that details how the mechanic will work, and from what I can tell, Hunting is going to be a blast.

Radical Entertainment also provides detail on how Heller will receive missions during the course of the story. Unlike Mercer who received missions from various contacts across New York City, Heller is a man on his own and to discover the latest areas of infestation the former soldier has to hack Blackwatch's computer network, Blacknet. The network can be accessed through various satellite trucks located around New York Zero, and will provide Heller with valuable information on Blackwatch equipment and experiments, as well as locations of heavy Blacklight infestation.

Being a man on his own and fighting a two side war will require Heller to make ue of as many powers as he can. To aid Blackwatch's number one target players can make use of mutations that grant Heller new powers throughout the course of the game. These abilities can be stacked and offer players a chance to customize the powers to fit their desired play style. One of the more useful mutations in dealing with a military group is "bulletproof" and much as it sounds makes Heller impervious to traditional weaponry.

With the focus on improving the depth of story and powers at players disposal, Radical Entertainment is aiming to elevate the  Prototype 2  from a fun distraction to a franchise players will be talking about for years to come. The first  Prototype  was a solid game that offered a dark take on open world super hero games, and on April 24, 2012 gamers can fill the role of city savior once again.
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Kakarot202 on January 07, 2012
well, i might consider buying prototype 2
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EvilFace on January 01, 2012
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Merfyz on January 01, 2012
Not cool.
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