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War of the Roses
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War of The Roses Gameplay Trailer Is Brutal

Paradox Interactive and Multiplay Look To Alter Online Gaming Norms With Latest Trailer

By Nick Schneider on 3/8/2012
A medieval multiplayer game is coming from Paradox Interactive in partnership with Multiplay, and at GDC the first trailer "Death Before Dishonor" was unveiled. The footage shown in the trailer is from a pre-alpha build, but the game already looks extremely promising.

Sacrificing the traditions of modern day military FPS titles, War of The Roses heads in an entirely new direction. Players will battle in small team skirmishes utilizing weaponry from the time period. Impressively enough is that the crossbow has great sway animations as the players move back and forth. The trailer, shown below, also highlights some of the brutal kills that will be on display when the game is released.

Paradox Interactive has worked on several period piece titles in the past including Rome, and Gettysburg: Armored Combat, but the impressive look of War of The Roses should give PC gamers a chance to try out their mettle in third and first person medieval combat. Little is known about the title, but Paradox is stating that they are attempting to maximize player integration by making the game capable of running on most modern day computers. We here at The Game Effect will keep you posted on this title, as it is one that has potential to be a game changer.
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