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Wakfu Launch Trailer

Be a king or a criminal - or both, if you'd like.

By Dylan Coffey on 2/29/2012
ANKAMA is one of those studios that has been around for a long time and done really great things in the industry, yet has never received grand critical acclaim or mainstream success. Back in 2004, the released Dofus, a flash-based multiplayer strategy game that oozed French flair and was loved for its accessibility and various types of gameplay. The sequel to that game, Wakfu, was released today, and we have for a you the launch trailer, which shows off the new title's more interesting aspects.

ANKAMA is trying here to tap in to what Goonzu Online failed to get: a persistent, highly-reactive player-driven world. The trailer shows off the different ways for players to interact with the environment and even the world's legal system; Wakfu has options for political play (much like Goonzu) as well as crafting and war. The Game Effect will be bringing you a full review of Wakfu and all of its premium features some time next month; until then, it is available as a free download, with a subscription to said premium features costing $6.00 per month.
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quantifier on March 01, 2012
Yes! I love politics sooooo much in the real world that I can't wait to become entrenched in that realm in game form. Can my ultimate ability be the 'Filibuster Smash'? Perhaps a 'Coup d'Hiya!'?
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