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Rayman Origins
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Trailer Leaked for Rayman on Wii U

Prepare to have your mind blown

By Daniel Jones on 4/27/2012
Information on the Wii U and its lineup of games has been hard to come by lately, but today fans of Ubisoft's Rayman: Origins have some news to be excited about. Today, a trailer was leaked online for an upcoming Wii U version of Rayman: Origins called Rayman Legends. The trailer, shows off an impressively up-scaled version of the quirky, beautiful platformer which takes advantage of the Wii U's near-field communication capabilities.

Embedded Image

Those near-field capabilities seem to be providing the most noticeable additions to the game as they provide a completely new experience. The trailer shows off small Skylander -style figures being placed on the screen of the Wii-U controller and being scanned into the game and used as playable characters in the new four-player multiplayer. The figures on display included a Rabbid and Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed.

This news, while still unconfirmed, hints at some amazing possibilities for the Wii U. The near-field tech, especially, holds loads of potential. We probably won't hear much more about this until E3, but for now this news at least hints at some exciting capabilities for Nintendo's next console. Check out the trailer below.

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Elleyena on April 27, 2012
That's kindof cool if you can put -anything- on the screen and it'll be recognized. It'll certainly lead to some interesting experimentation :)

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