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The Journey Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes

You can now purchase this incredible soundtrack for a criminally low price

By Daniel Jones on 4/12/2012
If you have played Thatgamecompany's incredible PSN title Journey, then you know that the soundtrack is absolutely breathtaking. As a music geek who loves to listen to game music outside of the context of games (I'm looking at you Bastion), I am very excited for today's news that the official soundtrack for Journey is now available for purchase on iTunes.

The Game Effect editorial staff are in love with this game. I have played through it three times and even forced my girlfriend to play through it (which you can read all about here). Our reviewer Nick Schneider gave the game a perfect 10. We couldn't speak more highly about this title and the music was a huge part of what made the experience so memorable.

The soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, is available on iTunes for only $4.99! If you've played Journey and enjoyed the music, you should check it out. Even if you haven't played the game, the tracks on this album stand up well on their own as great pieces of classical music. You can listen to one of the game's best tracks in the video below. Enjoy!

Oh, and just an FYI for those who don't know, the song Don't Stop Believing isn't on the Journey soundtrack. Just thought I'd warn you.

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