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The Game Effect News

The Game Effect Game of the Year Award Winners Are Live!

Did your favorites come out on top?

By Daniel Jones on 2/1/2013
Better late than never right? Well, even though we're officially one month into 2013, the editors at TGE have finally announced our picks for the winners in twenty categories for 2012 Game of the Year Awards. Each of us deliberated for weeks, toiling away with flow charts, power-point presentations and even some attempted bribes to narrow the five nominees in each category to just a single winner. Just kidding about that bribes part, but there were totally flow charts. Just ask Whitney.

You may not agree with all of our winners, but hopefully you had a chance to vote and let your voice be heard. The reader choice winners are listed underneath each winner in the category pages. Some of our winners even surprised us. For instance, most of us thought Journey was a shoe-in for Best Original Score, but after much discussion and persuasion from some of our editors, we settled on a very deserving winner.

To see the result of that heated contest and each of the other categories, head on over to the awards page to see the winners. Leave comments and let us know your thoughts on our choices. Thanks for participating in our awards this year, we had fun bringing them to our readers and watching the results pour in over the past month.

Head on over to see the winners! 
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