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Street Fighter x Tekken
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Street Fighter X Tekken's On-Disc DLC Causes Quite A Stir

Gaming community up in arms at Capcom

By Ben Harrison on 3/19/2012
Since its release, there's been a lot of commotion about the DLC content that is planned for Street Fighter X Tekken. In fact, there's been a lot of commotion about the entire game in general, including Sony's exclusive characters and the lack of Xbox 360 local co-op multiplayer mode. Now, the new scandal is that the content that's shipped on the disc will cost around $100 to unlock.

Hackers have already ripped the game apart, poring through all of the locked content to see what Capcom shipped on the disc but held back for some reason. Items uncovered include two completed characters, more gems, tons of alternate costumes, and quick combo presets. Under the current pricing plan that Capcom is proposing, however, the total cost for all of this DLC will be around $100. And for content that's not only ready to go but also shipped on the disc but intentionally withheld to make a quick buck, this is quite the slap in the face of the gaming community.

At this point, there are many people using the locked characters in online ranked matches on Xbox Live, a situation Capcom is rapidly trying to squash. As a result, Capcom is calling for gamers to report these violations either to them directly or to Microsoft. On the Capcom Unity forums, Senior Vice-President Christian Svennson has issued a "call to arms" of sorts against these hackers.

At this point, the sides are drawn, and it's left to the gamers to decide where they stand. Do you side with the company who has created many enjoyable games over the years, but who have started to wring the gaming community for every dollar they're worth, or with the gaming community itself, who has resorted to what can only be described as theft, by breaking into locked content created by Capcom and using it without paying? It's quite the moral dilemma. Where do you stand?
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quantifier on March 19, 2012
It just seems like such BS when it feels like the companies are trying to nickel and dime their own fanbase in this way. $100 is such a ridiculous price to pay! That's enough to buy multiple games where you don't have to put up with this. It makes me feel like they almost deserve the hacking.
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