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Starhawk's Build and Battle Trailer Is Boss

Savage meets Warhawk in this amazing trailer.

By Dylan Coffey on 2/28/2012
The Starhawk public beta started a little over a month ago, and the details that have dribbled out have been tantalizing, indeed. However, we haven't been treated to much in the form of new footage from the developers themselves, making the two-and-some months we have left to wait a bit of a struggle. In particular, we have received few details about the non-air combat; fortunately, the Starhawk " Build and Battle" trailer is dropping in some supplies to keep us alive through the hype.

We were pretty excited when we saw the written details on the build-and-battle mechanics earlier. Seeing them in action serves mostly to bring back memories of Savage: Battle for Newerth thanks to its glowing green phantom-buildings and blending of RTS/defense-building gameplay with some fast-paced shooter action. Keep an eye on Starhawk up until its May 8th, 2012 release; if this trailer is any indication, this game will be packed chock-full of innovative and exciting mechanics.
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