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Alice: Madness Returns
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Spicy Horse Starting Early Design Work for Possible "Alice: Otherlands"

A third "Alice" game is becoming more possible

By Arnulfo Hermes on 4/22/2013
CEO of Spicy Horse, American McGee, released today some more early design work for Alice: Otherlands, the possible third game in the Alice series.

"It's still not official," he writes on the  game's Facebook page, but we're starting some early concept/design work for A:OL anyway...

"On that note, we just had the first meeting with our Art Department to discuss style and tone for rendering the new game. Here's a snippet of A:MR (Alice: Madness Returns) concept artwork we used as a touchstone."

Embedded Image

The game has not been officially announced but the studio is clearly beginning some work on the game, as evidenced by today's post and the first concept artwork for the game released on the same Facebook page earlier this month.

Embedded Image

What is keeping the studio from officially announcing the game and entering full production is the fact that Electronic Arts owns the rights to the Alice IP. While fans are already getting hyped on the fan page, McGee reminds them that they "don't have a deal with EA yet - KEEP THIS IN MIND!"

If fans continue to clamor for a third installment it will give his talks with EA more leverage and perhaps the studio can venture once more into the twisted mind of Alice Liddel, but only when a deal between the EA and Spicy Horse is struck.

You can follow development for Alice: Otherlands on its Facebook page. For the rest of Spicy Horse's games, visit their webpage or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
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