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Sony Continues To MOVE Forward with Move Racing Wheel

Shockingly Sony Continues To Expand on Playstation Move

By Nick Schneider on 6/5/2012
It just wouldn't be an E3 after the Wii motion control phenomenon kicked off without a developer announcing some new gimmick to acquire a few more gullible motion control enthusiasts, and Sony is placing bets on the newly announced Playstation Move Racing Wheel. Gamers will now have full control over their favorite Playstation racing games thanks in part to the latest peripheral for the Playstation Move, and much like any company trying to set themselves apart, Sony has provided a "unique" device.

Embedded Image

The size of the peripheral may seem daunting but Sony is packing the features into the sizable device to make it worth it for those who jump aboard. The grips are foldable and allow gamers to switch from a traditional steering wheel to a motorcycle, and include throttle and race car shifters. Rumble functionality is also packed into the device, and the racing wheel will be compatible with games like Gran Turismo 5Burnout: Paradise, and of course Little Big Planet Karting. The Playstation Move Racing Wheel will retail at $39.99 and while no release date has been confirmed, expect to see this hitting shelves in time for the holidays.
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Elleyena on June 07, 2012
Ah, the spaceship design is legit. Definitely looks nice, though I thought move wasn't doing that well. Does anyone think this will help?

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