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SF X T Has Fourteen Characters Worth of On-Disc DLC

Capcom haters will have a field day with this.

By Dylan Coffey on 3/5/2012
On-disc DLC has always been a potentially dicey subject. Many gamers decry it as a scam, claiming that the DLC is always finished before the game even comes out and thus should simply be part of the game, rather than acting as a phantom increase to the game's cost. Others believe that it is an acceptable practice, allowing those without the DLC unlocked to see the content when others use it and reducing the download size of DLC packages. Street Fighter X Tekken is taking the issue to the next level with a whopping fourteen DLC characters included on-disc: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, Bryan, Jack-X, Christie, Lei, Mega Man, and Pac-Man. The issue is even more complicated than this, though.

Embedded Image

The aggravating factor here is specifically that Pac-Man and Mega Man are on disc DLC. PS3 owners have been confirmed to get this content for free; we've yet to discover whether not not XBox 360 users will receive it at all. This creates a quandary wherein Capcom will alienate XBox 360 users if they charge for the DLC there but give it to PS3/Vita players for free. Combined with the fact that the PS3 has three exclusive character to the XBox 360's zilch, it looks like Sony fans are getting the much better end of the deal this time around. No pricing details are available for the DLC as of yet, Pac-Man/Mega Man or otherwise.

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