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Runescape Bringing In Microtransactions

Even Jagex's java world is ready for a cash shop.

By Dylan Coffey on 4/4/2012
Within the MMO world, Runescape functions as a sort of baseline or benchmark. By the time a feature makes it in to Runescape, it has become an industry standard. We saw the subscription model make its way there around the time that such models were gaining popularity even in the non-AAA titles of the MMO world. Now, with the new Squeal of Fortune feature, microtransactions are popping up alongside subscriptions, much as we have seen happening with many other games, even big-name titles, in the genre.

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Players can now use a microtransaction system to purchase spins on the Squeal of Fortune, which grants gold, items, and experience points. This seems like a foolish inclusion in a game which has historically had issues with broken or unhealthy economies, but Jagex insists that "the Squeal of Fortune has minimal impact on the Runescape economy" due to the fact that uses of the Squeal are not a tradeable commodity. Here's hoping they're right; we can't handle another round of party hats.

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