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Remedy Hiring For Next-Gen Project

The Alan Wake developers are hiring for "next blockbuster on future generation consoles"

By Daniel Jones on 8/23/2012
The next generation of consoles is beginning to take shape. Whether it's the rumors of the Playstation 4 running in insanely high 4k resolution or even the footage of games like Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs which are clearly next-gen though nobody's confirming it. Now it appears that the makers of Alan Wake are getting in on the game early.

The Game Effect has stumbled upon job listings on Remedy Entertainment's official website that are calling for individuals to "Help realize our vision for the next blockbuster on future generation consoles." One job listing also calls for programmers with experience using CryEngine. This isn't as solid, but it could mean that Remedy's next title will run on the powerful CryEngine 3.

Sure, it seems obvious that the biggest developers would be working on Next-Gen projects, but few have just outright declared it. While this is a little short of a confirmation, it's definitely pretty solid evidence. While no other information on the potential blockbuster is known at this time, we are following up with Remedy for comment and will update this story if necessary.
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