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Reddit User Screencaps Every Page of Archfiend Lore in Soul Sacrifice

And it's all very depressing.

By Tanner Hoisington on 5/6/2013
As a subscriber of /r/vita, I have been reading a lot of posts about Soul Sacrifice since its launch last Tuesday. One of the most interesting comes from user RedRupee, who uploaded screenshots to Imgur of all of the Archfiend (boss) lore. As a warning, there are some spoilers in these digital pages.

Embedded Image

These optional pieces of information, found in the menu screen that is an interactive and talking book called Librom, are some of the game's most appealing content. My favorite so far is the story about a poor merchant and his camel who out of desperation attempt to be the first to establish a trade route across the desert. As the merchant approaches death, he is given the opportunity to sacrifice his camel to save his life. But unlike many of the other stories, he refuses because of the loyalty shared between the man and his faithful camel. The camel then sacrifices itself to save its master. The story continues from there and is consistently heartbreaking.

That story, found under the lore for "Noah's Desert" is in the more compelling "Lands" section of Librom. I joined a fellow Redditor in asking for RedRupee to upload those pages as well, and will update this article if she does. In the mean time, you can read the lore she posted here.

Additionally, here is the link to the Reddit thread. 
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