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PS4 Release Date Leaked by Supplier

Can't get here soon enough

By Charles Loftley on 6/12/2013
Anyone following the news out of E3 is likely swooning with information overload at this point, what with both console manufacturers showcasing launch titles and definitive price points for their new technical titans. One thing both firms remained mum on however were specific dates on which gamers could line up to take their console of choice home. That may no longer be the case if a recent listing from a well known video products supplier in California is to be believed. Our source, an employee at the supplier, is reporting that the supplier has listed a November 26th, 2013 release date for Sony's Playstation 4. The supplier is a wholesaler of DVD, Blu-ray, and Games to US resellers, and provides products to, Blockbuster, and, among others. While the source has asked to remain anonymous to the public, we have received a screenshot indicating the release date, as shown below:

Embedded Image

While it's not uncommon for most retailers to use a placeholder date on a product web page (typically the last day of the year such as seen on, this supplier appears to be the first to suggest a firm date. Until Sony confirms their plans, this should be treated as a rumor, but the November 26th date does have some credence seeing as it's just three days prior to Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.
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