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Pikmin 2
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Pikmin 2 Hitting Wii In North America

The rare GameCube classic will finally poke its head on to the Wii.

By Dylan Coffey on 4/25/2012
Nintendo Power revealed yesterday that GameCube cult classic Pikmin 2 will come to the Wii in North America, albeit three years after its prequel. This is a strong move by Nintendo, given that there is already hype online about Pikmin 3 being revealed at E3 this year. As Pikmin 2 is exceedingly hard to get a hold of on the GameCube - its cheapest eBay "Buy It Now" price sits at $50 as we write this - making it available under the "New Play Control!" label will bring potential fans back in to the fold just in time to be entranced by Pikmin 3 at E3.

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Nintendo is trying to keep the Wii's head above water long enough to build hype and acceptance for its struggling Wii U brand. With consumer confusion over the nature of the Wii U and the specter of the powerful next-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles looming overhead, Nintendo is fighting hard to get some traction for its own next-gen offering. However, if they continue to keep their fingers on the pulse of the players and offer titles like Pikmin 2 in accessible forms, we believe they will find success in the next round of the console wars.

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cjf582 on April 26, 2012
I got to say that that was one of  my favorite games on gamecube. 
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 0
Elleyena on April 25, 2012
Sweet! I can't wait to get this.
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