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PAX Enforcer Reveals Sexual Assault by Fellow Enforcer

Silence is Broken

By Whitney on 10/8/2012
A blogger known as DragonKitty on the Penny Arcade forums, who worked as an Enforcer for PAX East 2012, has released a blog post alleging several situations of sexual harassment by a fellow PAX Enforcer.

In the post, Dragonkitty describes several instances where Enforcer Tango (also known as Simon Edwards according to the post) made several sexual comments and advances towards her, even going so far as to corner her at an Enforcer party and make crude sexual comments at her about her choice of dress. The blog even mentions a particular situation where Tango agrees to "allow" her and her boyfriend to have sex in the same room as him. DragonKitty wrote, "Tango noted that if Jace and I wanted to have sex, we totally could, in his hotel room while he stayed in the room, and he was OK with it."

She then goes on to mention numerous other instances of harassment or assault of other women by Tango, stating "Tango has not just violated me. He has violated women I love and care about and at events where Enforcers specifically should feel safe. He has violated in IRC, at PAX, and at after parties and at individual dates and events." Several comments on both the Tumblr page and the Penny Arcade forum post confirm her accusations, and several users encourage readers to head over to the enforcerland forum where details about other sexual assaults are discussed. A response to the PA forum post says "Tango was removed from [Enforcer] staff shortly after PAX East 2012. Also, Dragonkitty is not alone; in more private spaces there are a large number of other [Enforcers] who have come out as having been harassed by this man. He also targeted men, which I don't want to forget since in a lot of cases like this people forget that men can be sexually harassed as well."

The blog does note that Tango is no longer an Enforcer, and that this incident was not made public. DragonKitty writes, "I am making it public. I am done with silence." I have reached out to both DragonKitty and the Penny Arcade community for further elaboration and comments regarding the accusations, and I will update as soon as I receive a response.

I encourage you to fully read the Tumblr entry and the forum comments as the story is pretty elaborate and detailed. As far as the accusations go, I believe everyone should be heard in this situation, including DragonKitty, Tango, and PAX. I would also like to know about the process of becoming an Enforcer. Do Enforcers receive background checks? What are the rules regarding their role at PAX East, and what can/can't Enforcers do? I ask this because it is important to note that Enforcers are not security officers, which means anyone can apply to be an Enforcer at PAX. This can be great since people genuinely interested in games and/or PAX can participate; it also means that ANYONE can apply, which is worrisome since I am not aware of their authority as an Enforcer. I was a licensed security officer for two years, and I worked event security; I know how dangerous it can be to put someone in a position of power and then have them abuse it.

I believe information regarding PAX and their response to this matter is important, and how this situation was handled. I hardly want this to turn into a smear campaign, and I want the facts out there so everyone can get their stories straight. I also hope that people who were involved in this situation, but chose not to speak up about it, do reveal their stories, regardless of which "side" they are on.

[Update] As of 12:20pm EST the Penny Arcade forum post has been closed by a moderator. "I've had a think about it and I don't really feel that this thread fits within the remit of the PAX forum. I'm glad that any predatory individuals have been identified and removed from the enforcers group but I can't see any real benefit in leaving this one open.
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