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Pac-Man The Movie: Hollywood Should Take Notice

Pac-Man Brought to Life in Awesome Fan Made Movie

By Nick Schneider on 4/11/2012
There are movies based off of video games with incredible plots, deep characters, and complete worlds, and yet they hardly ever seem to get the ideas or themes nailed down well. If you're old enough to remember the ill fated Super Mario Bros. movie, then you understand exactly how far off Hollywood can go, although in today's world we normally just thank Uwe Boll for any terrible movie adaptation. Steelhouse Productions began "Project Yellow Sphere" a year ago, and have recently released onto the world a short movie based off of Pac-Man. After watching the film version of this Namco Bandai arcade classic, as well as one of the first true video game icons, you may discover a new found understanding for that little yellow sphere.

As expected ghosts, cherries, and of course enough energy balls to consume all tie up nicely to turn Pac-Man into one of the military's most competent weapon. Pac-Man is a game with very little plot, and the fact that Steelhouse Productions managed to find a way to make all of the series icons work cohesively and coherently is a sight to behold in of itself. Now if only we could get a crew that could truly understand the Max Payne franchise, what a waste of an already great plot and narrative that turned out to become.
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Elleyena on April 20, 2012
Alright, that was awesome. I want another installment. Also some quarters to go play one of the local Pac Man machines.
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WatcherJohn111 on April 16, 2012
and . . s l e e p.
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teknoandy69 on April 12, 2012
This was very well done. Always been a Pacman fan and now I really want to play the game again. Good Job!
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