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Organ Trail Puts a Zombie Spin On Everyone's Favorite Edutainment Game

Yes, you can still die from dysentery.

By Ben Harrison on 4/13/2012
For many children of the 80s and 90s, The Oregon Trail was a much loved game that sought out to teach children about the struggles of pioneers moving to the untamed West during the 1800s. However, due to the popularity of the hunting mini-game, The Oregon Trail was often less of a teaching tool than expected, since more often than not children would simply buy as many bullets as possible and spend their time hunting buffalo. If shooting things was your favorite way to pass the time, then  Organ Trail  might just be the game for you.

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Organ Trail manages to capture all of the little things that made The Oregon Trail so fun in the first place, and manages to add a flair to the game to make a whole new generation excited about a game that's over thirty years old. Instead of hunting buffalo and deer, you scramble around the screen picking up cans of food while avoiding or shooting zombies. Instead of fording rivers, you bust through huge swarms of zombies blocking your path. All of the other details from the original, such as constantly checking on the well-being of your party members and carefully rationing out supplies, are present in this remake.

While the game is currently only a Flash game present on The Men Who Wear Many Hats website, plans have been made through a successful Kickstarter to create a "director's cut," which will be released for Android and iOS in the near future. This new version promises to not only have a new features like randomized tombstones throughout the game or interacting with other survivors, but also add a brand new soundtrack and revamp the menu system to work with touch screen capable hardware. In the meantime, be sure to give Organ Trail a shot!

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Elleyena on April 20, 2012
I haven't completed the game yet, but I'm a good chunk of the way. Thanks for the heads up on this awesome game!

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