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New Trailers Show New Mode For Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Galactus is coming; will you be ready?

By Ben Harrison on 10/19/2011
In preparation for the upcoming November launch, Capcom has released a few new trailers for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Aside from showing off some of the new characters in action, one trailer in particular shows off a brand new game mode, Heroes and Heralds. Galactus, one of Marvel's biggest villains (and I mean that size-wise), has set Earth as the target of his next conquest. By using his ever-growing team of heralds, Galactus plans on destroying most of Earth's inhabitants before he devours the planet whole, and it's up to you to either stop him or speed up the process. By playing in this mode, players will be able to unlock more than 100 different cards, with the ability to equip up to three of them at a time to modify their characters. Some of the abilities displayed in the trailer include temporary invisibility, modified combos and assists, or projectile invulnerability for a limited time. Check them out in action below: 

And if that wasn't enough, check out this absolutely gorgeous trailer showing off exactly what the game is capable of handling. These epic showdowns have never looked more intense, as each fight is caught at a perfect time to show off each character in action. The attention to detail really shows in this trailer, which each match-up pairing two combatants who complement each other perfectly. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will be released on November 15th in North America on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and on December 17th as a launch title for the Japanese release of the Playstation Vita.

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usernameunique on October 20, 2011
that trailer was cool, but i am really not into these games.
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Haikouzen on October 19, 2011
that trailer was effin ridicolously swagalicious good but we all know the game aint gonna be shit like that.
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holygamer on October 19, 2011
i will give it that the trailer looks pretty sweet
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