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New Kingdom Hearts Game To Be Announced Soon

It might just be a REAL Kingdom Hearts game!

By Dylan Coffey on 5/1/2012
Today marked the release of the Kingdoms Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book, which contains an interview with Kingdom Hearts director, concept artist, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura. This interview (according to Andriasang) includes teasers for a new Kingdom Hearts game, which Nomura believes will be announced soon. He confirmed, to the disappointment of many, that there will be no sequel to Birth by Sleep nor any updated re-release of Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Embedded Image

Given that there hasn't been a "mainline"Kingdom Hearts game since 2005 and, thus, no Kingdom Hearts presence on the next gen consoles, we're strongly hoping that this is a teaser for a bona fide Kingdom Hearts 3 rather than Kingdom Hearts dX/dY: Beyond the Veil of Potatoes. On a side note, the Ultimania guide looks really cool, and we hope that a translation version will make its way stateside.

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Elleyena on May 03, 2012
Can't wait to try this out. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.
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Fenriff on May 02, 2012
I would love a new console Kingdom Hearts game. I'm sure the portable ones have probably done well and I'm in no position to tell them how to make their games but for me personally the genre died off when they turned solely to portable gaming. I had a DS when it launched but it got stolen so I didn't get another portable gaming device until the Vita came out. Hopefully this brings the series back to consoles or atleast throws something the Vita's way.
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