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NBC's Perfect Couples Gets Cancelled

NBC begins cleaning house. Good riddance.

By Kaili Markley on 3/24/2011
Well, no big surprise here: NBC's newest sitcom in the Thursday night line-up has gotten the axe. The abominable Perfect Couples debuted to atrocious ratings and despite being sandwiched between mega-hits Community and The Office, the show has not been able to climb out of its ratings slump. In fact, last week's episode was the lowest rated yet with a dismal 1.2. With two episodes still unaired, Perfect Couples is set to depart April 7th, and will be replaced by the creatively named The Paul Riser Show. Let's just hope this new show is better than Mad About You, but, hey, at least there's no way it can be worse than Perfect Couples....

If you happen to be one of the twelve faithful Perfect Couples fans who stayed tuned to NBC between 8:30 and 8:59, take heart: there are several other rom-coms out there ready to fill that void. Fox has the witty Traffic Light, a midseason replacement that airs on Tuesdays at 9:30; ABC has been heavily promoting its new sitcom, Happy Endings, which features a much huskier Elisha Cuthbert and will debut on April 13th; and even NBC is ready to replace Perfect Couples with its own new romantic sitcom, Friends With Benefits. And of course you can always watch reruns of CBS's How I Met Your Mother on Lifetime...

So, farewell, Perfect Couples -- I wish I could say I will miss you, but, alas, I'll be happy to see even the obnoxious Paul Riser in your stead. No word yet on whether the other stick-in-the-mud in the Thursday night line-up -- the abysmal Outsourced -- will be cancelled as well, but let's hope that NBC is just getting started with their spring cleaning...
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