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Mass Effect 3 on 360 Can't Import Saves from the Cloud

Hope you still have that old XBox 360 you beat ME2 on.

By Dylan Coffey on 3/5/2012
Many gamers have been fervently playing Mass Effect 2 in an attempt to complete it before tonight's release of Mass Effect 3. Understandable, given that the choices made by the player in Mass Effect 2 will have a serious effect on the storyline and progression of Mass Effect 3. Players relying on the XBox 360's Cloud Saving feature might be in for a shock, though; a bug report on Electronic Arts' website says that there is "an issue that may prevent XBox 360 users from importing their completed Mass Effect 2 save game files into Mass Effect 3."

Embedded Image

Mass Effect 3 itself works fine with Cloud Saving, as do Mass Effect 2 save game files that have been successfully imported from the cloud. However, the sci-fi blockbuster cannot pull endgame saves directly from the cloud. Those affected by this issue have a few options. One is to keep the save game local for Mass Effect 2. Those who have purchased new consoles, though, since finish Mass Effect 2 and putting their save in the cloud might have a problem. According to EA, there is a chance that you will not be able to use your old Mass Effect 2 endgame save "if you have ever moved your file to the cloud and the original system is not available to transfer it back to." Hopefully this issue will be hotfixed quickly, because if not, there will be a lot of unhappy XBox 360 gamers refraining from their purchase of Mass Effect 3

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Merfyz on March 07, 2012
My import when smooth, up until it told me i have to re-do my characters face because it couldn't get my old one..But i made my face exactly as it was in ME2 so its all good, but i can't imagine it not remembering what you did, that would have totally ruined it for me. 

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