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Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Has a Release Date

At One Week Out It's Sooner Than You Think

By Nick Schneider on 6/12/2012
 Marvel Pinball from Zen Studios is a fantastic mashup of physics and superhero drama, and coming next week June 19, 2012 gamers will finally get a chance to play the  Avengers Chronicles DLC pack. Included in the pack are 4 new tables focusing on several key members of the Avengers team, and a few villains as well. World War Hulk focuses on the Hulk as he returns from his banishment to outerspace and takes on the mightiest heroes of earth. This table features Iron Man, The X-Men, and even Dr. Strange.

The Avengers table reflects the events of this year's highly successful, critically and financially,  Avengers movie, but offers a twist in that each character on the team is represented by their own unique ball that highlights their personality and power set. The Infinity Gauntlet table takes the battle into the cosmos as Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer battle Thanos. The six gems of the Infinity Gauntlet present different challenges to players as they are collected, such as the Reality Gem literally flipping the table upside down.

Fear Itself is a table that has the Avengers battling Loki's evil brother the Serpent, and presents it's own level of difficulty. While Zen Studios has been quiet on the table so far, they have spoken on the magnetic properties of the table being something that no pinball player has experienced yet. The DLC pack will release next Tuesday on PSN and XBL, and cost ten dollars.
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quantifier on June 12, 2012
Try as they might, no game will ever top the pre-installed, space-themed Pinball on PCs. Now there was a hidden gem.
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