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Mario/Portal Mashup Released

Two great games, play great together!

By Ben Harrison on 3/5/2012
For fans who simply cannot wait until Portal 3 or the newest Super Mario Brothers game gets released, a fun throwback mashup game that's been in the works for some time now finally has a full release. The developers over at have released Mari0, a mashup between the crisp handling and platforming of the original Super Mario Brothers game with the latest technology from Aperture Science, the portal gun.

Not only is the full game present and accounted for, but there's a full level editor added in so players can create their own custom content. Since the original game obviously wasn't created with Portal technology in mind, the game is slightly trivialized as a result. I expect many interesting and quite difficult levels will be created, however.

As a bonus, there's a huge selection of different visual effects to choose from, as well. If you're feeling nostalgic, there's a mode that emulates an old flickering CRT monitor, as well as pixellated and "washed out" visual modes to really recreate that "old TV in grandma's basement" effect. You can also change Mario's color scheme to anything you'd like, and even choose from over 20 different hats for Mario to wear on his journey. If you're interested in giving this game a shot, head on over to the website and download it today!

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quantifier on March 05, 2012
Fantastic concept for a game. I love it and can't wait to try it out. Even though you say it will trivialize the old way of Mario-ing, I still think some of those levels could be fun. Just think if they make a sequel...Mario 64?
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