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League of Legends Spectator Mode Goes Live

DotA 2 had it in beta, but not like this.

By Dylan Coffey on 5/1/2012
 League of Legends is one of the Internet's biggest sensations right now. With a bigger player base than even  World of Warcraft and a thriving competitive scene headed up by names like Curse Gaming and SoloMid, Riot Games has succeeded in pleasing a very demanding market. One feature that they have yet to deliver on is a fully-featured spectator mode - until now. Today,  League of Legends' most recent patch took an impressive set of tools for spectators, including a directed camera and the ability to watch normal or ranked games. Check out the trailer for more information.

Talk about good things coming to those who wait! We got our hands on the Spectator Mode earlier today after the patch went live and it most certainly fails to disappoint. In particular, the responsiveness of the Directed Camera is impressive, though not quite perfect - it has a tendency to cut away from a scene just before or after the action is concluded. Combined with hotkeys to follow any champion and a hideable compact UI that shows summoner spells, ultimates, creep score, items built, and K/D/A ratios, Riot Games has every right to stand proud behind this technology.   
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