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Kinect Play Fit Boldly Goes Where Nintendo Already Went

Perhaps Microsoft will find success by keeping their calorie counters out of an actual game.

By Dylan Coffey on 5/8/2012
Ripping off Nintendo innovations and repackaging them for double the price with half the inspiration is a long-standing tradition for both Microsoft and Sony. Sony's most recent foray in to the venerated field was the PlayStation Move, which was clearly completely unlike the Wiimote and totally didn't come out several years after the fact with little to no added functionality. Microsoft has moved on from simply getting in on the motion control frenzy to copying actual Nintendo game concepts; in this case, Wii Fit or, as Microsoft would prefer you remember it, Kinect Play Fit.

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To be fair, Kinect Play Fit isn't even a game. It's a process that runs alongside "most" Kinect titles and uses the Joule, a heart rate monitor peripheral, though the Joule is not explicitly necessary for Kinect Play Fit use. The process tracks exercise across multiple applications and saves the data via Microsoft's cloud. The feature is being introduced through a dashboard update for all users, though there is no indication of whether it will be restricted to Gold users. We suspect so, given that the Kinect Play Fit system uses the cloud, which is a Gold-only feature. Hopefully it won't cost anything beyond that.

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Elleyena on May 13, 2012
It does give those that don't want to deal with the Wii something similar, and it is good that it tracks across different apps. Not worth me getting a Kinect yet though.
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OSMenace on May 09, 2012
I'm not going to lie, I prefer the Kinect brand more than Nintendo's titles.  Kinect sports? Much much better than anything even Wii Sports Resort has to offer (although there are some sports that Wii has that Kinect doesn't have a share in).  

I really want Nintendo to re-vamp their avatar system, the current generation of Mii's don't begin to compare to Microsoft's line-up.  I've got alot of hopes for the Wii-U, but in the likely case that I'm let down, I may just buy one of the up-scale 360s as the 720 comes out.
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xGloomyKZx on May 09, 2012
Kinect really needs some solid titles... for now its just sitting in front of my TV awkwardly staring (and moving up and down) at me every time i turn on the xbox. Need to find time to get forza 4 and skyrim and see if the kinect add-ins actually works...
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