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Killzone 3
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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free to Play

Sony's "Halo Killer" Goes Free To Play For Multiplayer

By Nick Schneider on 2/24/2012
In the land of high end FPS console exclusives between Microsoft and Sony, gamers have their choice between the Killzone and Halo franchises. Both series offer their own take on multiplayer, and Sony is making an attempt to provide an easier choice for owners of the Playstation 3. Starting next week, presumably on Tuesday when the SEN store updates, gamers will be able to play Killzone 3's multiplayer offering for free until they reach a level cap.

Embedded Image

The level cap hasn't been officially announced, but Playstation 3 owners looking for an FPS multiplayer offering outside of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty should definitely give Killzone 3 a look. The game isn't as fast as those titles, but it does offer great tactical combat, which is rare to find in the AAA FPS titles these days.

Those who wish to play just the multiplayer and not worry about the single player campaign, can also simply purchase the online play for $14.99. However, gamers would be remiss not to purchase the complete copy of Killzone 3, as the campaign offers a fantastic peek into the weaponry and mechanics that will be the key to success in the online modes.
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