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Indie Alpha Bundle Opens The Door To The Ground Floor

Support these titles in their alpha phases on a pay-what-you-want model.

By Dylan Coffey on 2/23/2012
We love indie bundles. In fact, we're almost certain that we cannot say enough how much we love the pay-what-you-want model and all the power it has brought to the indie developers in the industry. Today we bring to you Indie Royale's "Alpha Bundle;" this one is special in that pledges are put towards three games in the alpha stage, and customers get access to current and future builds as well as, of course, the final product. The games featured are Towns3079, and Wyv and Keep.

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Towns is a somewhere between SimCity and Recettear, with players building a city designed to cater to the needs of brave adventurers in a fantasy world. 3079 is described aptly by Indie Royale as "an alleged lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout," featuring randomly generated open-world content. Finally, Wyv and Keep seems to be somewhere between The Lost Vikings and The World Ends With You as a potentially co-op platformer piloted either by one player using two halves of the keyboard or by two players, locally or online. Get over to the Indie Royale site and put your weight behind these promising titles!

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quantifier on February 24, 2012
Indie Bundle JOY!!!
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