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Heart of the Swarm Infests MLG Spring Chmapionship

Attendees will get a sneak peak at the Zergtastic expansion in June.

By Dylan Coffey on 4/27/2012
Putting out the StarCraft II expansion "Heart of the Swarm" was a big enough task that, combined with the release of Diablo II and World of Warcraft's "Mists of Panderia," Blizzard decided to completely cancel this year's BlizzCon. We'll have a chance to see if that was justified at this year's Major League Gaming Spring Championship, held June 8-10 - "Heart of the Swarm" is making a special preview appearance there, exclusively for physical attendees. Sorry, just isn't gonna be enough this time.

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Alongside this announcement came some new details on the expansion by way of the official StarCraft II blog. Terrans have lost the shredder due to its ability to murderize workers too easily, Protoss have lost the replicant due to his influence on enemy psychology, and the zerg remain largely unchanged from their Blizzcon build. You can check out the full details on the changes and reasoning here. Keep an eye on The Game Effect for impressions on what's revealed at the MLG Spring Championship.
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Hazzmat3 on May 03, 2012
It will be nice to know when the release date will be.
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