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Guild Wars 2 Edition Details, Pre-Purchasing Available

Early access and a number of consumable perks await.

By Dylan Coffey on 3/13/2012
Now that we know for sure that Guild Wars 2 is dropping in 2012, the hype is bound to increase exponentially. Today's contribution to that hype is the official confirmation of three different packages for the game, which will become available for purchase on April 10th, 2012. Guild Wars 2 will feature a digital edition, digital deluxe edition, and collector's edition, priced at US $60, $70, and $150 respectively. This isn't terribly surprising, as the "basic, better, best" model was used in many other recent releases such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. In fact, the Guild Wars 2 stratification of editions is completely standard.

Embedded Image

While they adhere to the standard three-tiered model, the rewards for the various upgraded editions are still pretty cool. The digital deluxe edition gets the Mistfire Wolf elite skill, Rytlock Miniature, Golem Banker, Chalice of Glory, and Tome of Influence. The collector's edition features those perks plus the physical items pictured above: a 10" Rytlock figurine, 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 book, art frame, art portfolio with five prints, and the Best of Guild Wars 2 CD. Finally, all pre-orderers gain access to all Guild Wars 2 weekend beta events, three days early access (hello, SW:TOR), and the Hero's Band, an item that grants a slight boost to all stats. Go check out the details on the deals here and be ready to pick up your pre-order on April 10th if you want any of these goodies. 

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