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God Of War IV Revealed By South African Games Retailer

BT Games Reveals Another Unannounced Title

By Nick Schneider on 2/24/2012
The fourth installment in the God of War franchise has been fairly certain since January when composer Timothy Williams posted God of War IV on his resume, now it seems that South African retailer BT Games has also outed the, hopefully, soon to be released title. This news is hardly eye catching or surprising given the popularity of the franchise, but questions are sure to revolve around the state of the series. God of War III had finished Kratos' storyline up quite neatly, and left very little room for future installments.

Embedded Image

The timeline for release feels somehow highly accurate, and the company has also outed several other unannounced games before including the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. If tradition holds true, then perhaps we can see an official announcement from Sony sometime in the near future. Are there any events coming up this year where big game announcements are made? Sometime in the beginning of summer perhaps?  
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Jaws15Player15 on February 25, 2012
Cannot wait to play this!
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