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Geoff Keighly Comments on Phantom Pain/ MGS Rumors

Phantom Pain is real, according to Geoff Keighley

By Whitney on 12/7/2012
After tonight's premiere of the 10th annual Video Game Awards, the world premiere of the so-called new IP "The Phantom Pain" has created a whirlwind of speculation.

Our own Tanner Hoisington first reported on the idea that The Phantom Pain and its creator Moby Dick Studios was actually fake, and was a cover-up for an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game. Now, only a few minutes after the VGAs have ended, Geoff Keighley has tweeted that The Phantom Pain is "an completely game, nothing that has been shown before. I assure you of that." However poorly worded the tweet was, it indicates that Geoff is saying it is not a new Metal Gear Solid title.

If this is in fact a real game, isn't it odd that he feels the need to address this specific issue and nothing else? And if it is in fact fake (which, I will eat my words if it is not), don't you think that's a very bold statement coming from someone like Geoff? Regardless, speculation will continue until we receive an official press release regarding the issue.
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Fenriff on December 09, 2012
As much as I like Metal Gear Solid I would love for this to turn out to be a new IP, it looks like it could be some awesome mind bending/acid trippy story from the written dialogue and the crazy flaming whale and whatnot.
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