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Game Effect Editors Compete for Charity in the Backlog Challenge

Supporting Child's Play While Bidding this Generation Farewell

By Nate Gillick on 6/11/2013
As the end of this console generation looms, with a new Xbox and Playstation due out by the end of the year, both Charles Loftley and I find ourselves staring at massive backlogs of games we've acquired this generation but never finished.

As Charles puts it, we "have been entitled gamers for quite a long time, enjoying the ability to purchase and play whatever games we wanted as they were released. As an avid adult gamer, this hobby has gotten quite expensive and honestly, feels a little wasteful. We have an abundance of unfinished games that we've yet to get around to completing. Meanwhile, there are children around the world who would likely jump at the opportunity to play but a few of the games we've cast aside." 

Reducing the size of our backlogs is all fine and good, but we're taking it one step further, turning our shared goal of completing older games into a friendly competition, all while raising funds for Child's Play. Charles and I will be making donations for each game we complete, and it's possible for you to aid our efforts by donating here. Further donation information may be revealed as our challenge progresses.

Over the next several months, we will be writing features describing our thoughts on the games we've played, updating everyone on our progress, and exchanging some friendly trash talk... all in the name of a good cause. With almost 300 games to complete between the two of us, there is little chance of us running out of material!

We shall also be tweeting our progress over the competition, so consider following @ChuckNyce83 and @ThrawnOmega on Twitter. Charles has a personal site devoted to the mission, which is currently under construction, but be sure to keep checking in on it! We also both stream our gameplay from time to time, so expect to see some live donation drives and completion competitions. ChuckNyce and ThrawnOmega are our respective stream pages.

Now, a competition has to have rules to function, right? Scroll over to the next page to see how all this will work. 

The Rules

1. Only games purchased on or prior to June 16th 2013 are eligible. (The competition has already started. Charles wants The Last of Us to count and I am OK with that.)

2. The competition will conclude on the release of either the PS4 or Xbox One (whichever comes first). The editor with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

3. Points will be awarded for every backlogged game completed. Point values vary per game based on it’s average completion length (ACL) as noted in It's important to note that for us, completed means "made it to the end of the campaign and saw the credits." We will reach agreements as needed on what it means to complete games without traditional single-player campaigns, like 4x strategy games, or MMOs.

The Point system is as follow:

Less than 10 hours = 1 point

10 - 20 Hours = 2 points

20 - 30 hours = 3 points

30 - 40 hours = 4 points

Greater than 40 hours = 5 points

An OCD bonus will be granted for getting all achievements or earning a platinum trophy where applicable. Bonus points awarded will be 3x the base points.

Example Dark Souls has an average length of 40 hours, so completing the main campaign during the competition window would award 4 points. Earning all the achievements would then earn an additional 12 points (base point value X 3), earning the editor a total of 16 points.

We hope you enjoy following our gaming journeys as this generation winds down, and can help us support a good cause!

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