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From Software Tortures Early Players of Dark Souls

Dark Souls Developer Attacks Early Players with a Max Level Monster

By Nick Schneider on 9/21/2011
There never seems to be a game that doesn't release early "accidentally" by some retailers.  In a story translated by Edge, From Software has recently had a retail leak of their upcoming game, Dark Souls, and have decided to punish the players who have bought their copy early.  Rather than ban the players, From Software used an ability in the game that allows players to send high leveled creatures into a random players world and summon a max leveled character to fight. The abominable beast  has every ability maxed out at 99, with 1900 HP.  

It certainly is an unconventional way to teach people to wait for a game.  A ban would usually be issued, but it seems From Software has found an enjoyable way for those with patience to sit back and revel in the misery.  Dark Souls  was originally intended to release in Japan on September 22, which has clearly been broken.  The North American release, however, is still on track for October 4th.

Dark Souls is the sequel to the cult hit Demon's Souls.  The first game was known for it's extreme difficulty and the sequel looks to continue that tradition. It was also well known for its seamless blend of single and multiplayer, as players are given the option to interact with other players through unique, and true to the feel of the game mechanics.  Messages left behind and bloodstains painted on stone built castles acted as a warning to other players of danger.  The feature that got the most talk add: though, was the ability to summon a Black Phantom in another player's world that would stalk and kill their character.  Dark Souls will include the same level of online integration, and is slated to become another cult favorite when it releases this fall.
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Shakaku on September 24, 2011
lol, all of them should band together and fight that thing, would prove to be fun i think
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 1
giftedrogue on September 22, 2011
That's hysterical! I agree with From Software's decision: rather than banning those few gamers outright and losing their patronage, teaching them a lesson within the game should definitely make them respect the product.
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