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Eidos Montreal Reveals New Details on Deus Ex DLC

A Few New Details Emerge on "The Missing Link"

By Nate Gillick on 9/14/2011
Responding to fan questions via their tumblr page, Eidos Montreal has released new information about The Missing Link, the first downloadable expansion for their critically acclaimed cyberpunk shooter/RPG hybrid, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Missing Link will contain 10 new achievements / trophies, worth a total of 250 points. This expansion will be premium DLC, but a price and release date have not yet been announced. For now, fans will have to settle for the "TBA October" release date Eidos Montreal announced when they revealed the expansion.

For those who have already completed the game, fear not. It's not necessary to play through again to get to the new content, as The Missing Link will be selectable at any time from the game's front menu. It's not clear, however, if the DLC will also be integrated into standard playthroughs of the game, coming up where it would within Human Revolution's timeline.

While the size of the content won't be a hub to match the scale of Detroit on Heng Sha, the expansion will play out across two large compounds, hopefully each the size of Human Revolution's Singapore mission (if not larger). Firm details on the expansion are still few and far between, but how can more Deus Ex be a bad thing?  

For a brief glimpse of The Missing Link, check out the teaser trailer below, and stay tuned for more info as October approaches. 

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