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E3: Bit.Trip Runner 2 En Route For Wii U

The series rises against from the technicolor ashes.

By Dylan Coffey on 6/7/2012
Things are coming full circle for Gaijin Games at this year's E3; the franchise kicked off by their Wii Ware hit Bit.Trip Beat in 2009 will offer its newest incarnation, Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2, Future Legend of Rhythm Alien on Nintendo's Wii U. With ten playable characters as well as unlockable content, Bit.Trip Runner 2 has the potential to push the franchise beyond its humble indie roots in to the realm of the titans. There are still many details to come, but the simple confirmation of the game's eventual release is exciting enough.

Embedded Image

Disasterpeace, the chiptunes artist behind the innovative platformer FEZ, will be providing the music for Bit.Trip Runner 2; in other words, the soundtrack is going to be beyond top-notch. Gaijin Games has already refined the Bit.Trip rhythm gameplay to perfection. Combining that with music of Disasterpeace quality will result in unimaginably good rhythm gaming. Are you ready for Bit.Trip Runner 2, or do you think the series is better left alone? Tell us below.

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Elleyena on June 08, 2012
I see no problem with the new game. Sounds like the Wii U is going to have an awesome lineup.
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