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E3 2011: Luigi's Mansion 2 Coming to 3DS

Luigi is back in a starring role, and this time he's in 3D

By Kyle Hilliard on 6/8/2011
Among the many surprises at E3, comes a little one from Nintendo that feels like it came out of nowhere.

Luigi's Mansion is the often forgotten GameCube launch title that gave Luigi a chance to star in his own game. It's a game that many have fond memories of, but it is often written off as one of those crazy Nintendo experiments that won't be revisited. On the 3DS, it looks like Luigi is finally going to get another chance to hunt some ghosts.

The first thing to notice about Luigi's Mansion 2, is how clean and sharp it looks. It's taking full advantage of the 3DS graphical capabilities, and will be taking advantage of many other of the 3DS features as well. Along with the standard stereoscopic 3D graphics, the game will also use the tilt function of the handheld to control Luigi's flashlight.

It's nice to see more fully original titles being announced for the 3DS. Replaying classics in a new light is always an enjoyable experience, but nothing beats something entirely new. Or in this case, an entirely new sequel.
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zjmiller488 on July 04, 2011
You know, I played Luigi's Mansion when it first came out, and while I enjoyed the game, I finished it within 5 hours of starting it.

I hope this game ends up being a little longer, and little more challenging.
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