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Dragon's Dogma Delayed

A two month delay is what we trade for a surprise from Capcom.

By Dylan Coffey on 1/31/2012
Capcom's open-world action title Dragon's Dogma is poised to bring the company back to the forefront of the industry by introducing a fresh new IP to Capcom's already impressive stable. Previously slated for a March 27th release in the US, Dragon's Dogma has been moved forward to launch in May alongside its European iteration. This is a welcome change given the bizarre discrepancy between the original release dates; pushing the debuts closer together will ensure that the US version is not infested with bugs as is so often the case in "early releases." Beyond the industry impact of the shift, players can expect a small boon for their patience in the matter, as well.

Dragon's Dogma buyers will receive a key for a demo of Resident Evil 6 along with their purchase. XBox Live users will have the jump on PlayStation Network users by a full two months; the RE6 demo will go live on XBL starting on July 3rd, with the PSN version trailing on September 4th. Even the PSN demo will be two months early, given that Resident Evil 6's current release date is November 20th. Exchanging a pseudo-delay of Dragon's Dogma for a practical confirmation of Resident Evil 6's 2012 release is a pretty good deal, actually.
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