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Devil May Cry Trailer Puts Dante As Public Enemy Number One

Dante Painted As Terrorist and Social Deviant in a City out to Get Him

By Nick Schneider on 4/11/2012
"Sexual deviant" and "terrorist" are two new ways to describe Dante in the upcoming Devil May Cry being developed by Ninja Theory, and that is how the new face of the demon slayer will be recognized in the city he inhabits. While fans may be upset about the lack of the familiar character model, the upgraded vision of the infamous character isn't without attitude. Although the footage plot-wise seems a bit cliched, as well as the one liners and demeanor of Dante, the gameplay shown looks as tight and fast as any fan of the series could expect.

The latest Devil May Cry pits Dante against a city out to destroy him, and judging from him being a demon slayer the plot is sure to be rife with propaganda such as the Raptor newscaster Bob. If Ninja Theory can keep the plot subdued and the action intense and challenging then perhaps fans will simply look past the lack of familiarity in character.

The trailer is a bit rough in terms of characterization though, as it seems Dante is merely a shadow of the %*@&y and self important persona that fans have gotten used to controlling. When those traits do show up they seem forced and almost out of place among the larger story that Ninja Theory is proposing. Without a release date it is difficult to know when we will have an answer to these concerns, but hopefully Ninja Theory keeps the trademark gameplay relatively unscathed, because when it is already looking this smooth most fans should be able to get past any problems with Dante's personality.
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Fenriff on April 12, 2012
I for one can't wait for this game. I love alternate dimension type versions of popular characters and stories and the gameplay looks as fun as DMC fans are used to. So many people are doing everything they can to downplay this game which is just sad. You can't rightly judge the gameplay of a game you haven't played and the complaints about the main character's changes are really ridiculous because the whole point is that this ISN'T the Dante that people are used to. People are screaming "You've ruined Dante!" but they haven't, they've made a completely new one and to be honest I like the look of this new one. Not to mention that just because they've made this new Dante doesn't mean that they've just tossed the original out the window to never use again.

 DMC has always been a fast paced, badass, balls to the wall series and the soundtrack of this game and the 'doesn't give a f***' attitude of this Dante really match that well in my opinion. Ninja Theory know how to make a great story and characters, now if they can prove that they've improved on their combat making capabilities this should be excellent.
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