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Dark Souls Soon To Invade Every Other Game Thanks To Mods


By Arnulfo Hermes on 5/22/2013

Having fixed the PC version of Dark Souls with  graphic and connection patches, modders are nearing completion on the next big mod for the game. Entitled “The Dark Spirit Plague,” the mod will allow players to invade games outside the Dark Souls universe.

“Invading other players’ games and being invaded is thrilling, with its threat of imminent death,” says Harris McMillan, lead designer of a small five man team. “After experiencing it in Dark Souls, it’s hard for many people to go back to other games where random people don’t invade their games and kill them. These players need to be on the edge of their seats all the time, gripping the controller anxiously, waiting for the moment when all their hard work is destroyed by a random player a hundred levels above them. Now that is a challenge.”

“That’s why we have been hard at work on creating a mod that allows people playing Dark Souls to invade other games. It works just like it would in the normal game, but with the mod installed, players will be transported to a random game.” The mod must also be installed in the other game in order for it to work. “We have to create a version for each separate game, but it is worth it. Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto; you’re dancing in a club, grinding up against some girl, when all of a sudden, you’re invaded and you have to escape the club while hordes of dancers are slaughtered in the dark spirit’s path.”

Embedded Image

The team has been asked many times why other PC games couldn’t be made to invade Dark Souls, but McMillan says that it would not be fair for invading players. “Everything in Dark Souls wants to kill you; no other character would survive in such a world. At least when a dark spirit invades another game it has to play by that game’s rules.”

While the original goal was to only have the PC version invade other PC games, Dark Souls developer From Software was impressed by the team’s project and asked if they could create a version of the mod for consoles. McMillan laments that the mod for consoles would have to be paid DLC for each game, but that the players would get the priceless experience of skewering unsuspecting players in the middle of wildly different games. “From Software already has the DLC working in some games,” he says, recalling his experience playing the beta on Metal Gear Solid 4.

Embedded Image

With the console versions out of their hands and the PC version in the final stages of polish, the team sets their eyes on PC emulators. “Specifically Nintendo emulators,” McMillan says. “We’re big fans of the Big N so we thought it would be great to have the PC version able to invade some classic games. It was tricky, but as long as the emulator is online and the ROM is modified with our code, it works.” When asked how hard it was to convert the mod to work in 2D, McMillan says, “It’s not unlike the other versions. You just have to adapt it to each game. For example, for Street Fighter II we made the invading player be a near invincible fighter with its own move set.”

“For The Legend of Zelda we had to make a top-down sprite for the invader as well as custom sprites for slaughtered chickens, monsters, NPCs and Link.”

Embedded Image

“The hardest challenge was working with the Wii emulator, Dolphin. Players are going to need a high-end computer to have it work without a hitch. Those who can, will be able to enter games like Super Mario and wreak havoc like never before.”

Embedded Image

McMillan and the team dismiss criticisms that the mod will make games too hard. “That’s the point! When players invade those games, it’s pretty much a game over unless they reach the end of the level or manage to kill them. These people are masochists, just like us. If casual gamers don’t want to play it, fine. They’ll just never be as good as us.”

“The Dark Spirit Plague” will be released for PC in the middle of June, soon followed by the first DLC for the consoles in July, and the first code for the emulators will be available at the end of the year.

This was a PARODY article. It's not real, unfortunately. Because really, you secretly wish it were real, don't you? We know. We know.

Images courtesy of Matthew Fugere. 

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KrazyTaco1 on June 06, 2013
Sounds like fun
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JohnWittenmeier on May 25, 2013
This was even better the second time around.
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JohnWittenmeier on May 23, 2013
My prayers have been answered. Guys, there is a God. I just know it.
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