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Crytek Promises Ryse Still In The Works

Crytek says headbutting a Roman soldier will happen soon

By Ben Harrison on 3/14/2012
The German developers over at Crytek, the team behind the popular Crysis series, confirmed during the Game Developer's Conference that their latest game, Ryse, was still being actively worked on and will see a release at some point.

Previously titled Codename KingdomsRyse is being developed in conjunction with Microsoft Studios as an Xbox Kinect exclusive. Set in ancient Rome, the game will take place during a period of great strife and rioting near the fall of the empire. In its lengthy development cycle, many rumors started to arise about difficulty implementing the motion combat systems and performance issues. In fact, practically the only footage that has been released so far was the E3 trailer, linked above. However, Crytek has stated emphatically that progress is going quite well, and they are very pleased with the results thus far.

Crytek's General Manager, Nick Button-Brown had this to say: "It's going really, really well. The team actually delivered a milestone yesterday, which was quite nice. It's kind of good to see that. We're really happy with it and at some stage will be showing and giving more information about it. Unfortunately we're kind of constrained by our publisher."

If developing a game for the Kinect that doesn't involve motion capture dancing wasn't enough, Button-Brown also confirmed that they have yet another major project in the works. Due to be announced next month, Button-Brown remained rather tight lipped on the project, but confirmed that, like Ryse, it will be something else innovative. "The other project looks absolutely fantastic - I mean, genuinely the best of that kind of project we've ever done," he said.

After stating some time ago that MMOs were the "path of the future," many were left to speculate that this new game will be some sort of MMOFPS based on the Crysis franchise. However, until they release more details next month, all we can do is speculate. Check back soon for more news!
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