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Cory Johnson Post-Rocks Legend of Zelda Tunes

Unprocessed guitar and haunting beauty characterize this interpretation of the classic songs.

By Dylan Coffey on 5/14/2012
One of our favorite things about the gamer sub-culture is the rich musical traditions associated with it. Franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy have produced a plethora of timeless soundtracks that even gamers and musicians today regard with awe. Orchestral arrangements of these musical scores are common, but our treat for you today is something very different; a talented musician by the name of Cory Johnson has recently finished 23 tracks worth of post-rock Legend of Zelda renditions which he has made available on a pay-what-you-want model - and for music this good, that's a steal.

Embedded Image

Entitled simply "The Legend of Zelda," Johnson's album delivers intentionally rough-around-the-edges versions of many of our favorite Zelda themes, from "Hyrule Field" to "Skyward Sword." It's definitely a league apart from the orchestral arrangements we've been graced with in the past; Johnson does a lot to make these old tunes contemporary once more by infusing them with that unique post-rock aesthetic. Somewhere between soft and gritty, Johnson finds just the right place for the tunes from a franchise with perpetually acclaimed musical quality. Check out his album on BandCamp here and snag a copy at a price you name.
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Elleyena on May 14, 2012
These are pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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