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BioWare Not Backing Down On Mass Effect 3 Endings

The game's director and producer tackles fans' issues with the finale.

By Dylan Coffey on 3/14/2012
As with any greatly hyped game, fans are finding issues with literally every aspect of Mass Effect 3. From day one DLC confusion to the quality and content of the game's multiple endings, the Mass Effect player base has intermingled its immense pleasure in receiving the conclusion of the series with a nitpicking fury unrivaled this year. BioWare has not been swayed by this outrage, however, and stands confidently beside the three endings it put out in the conclusion of its sci-fi epic.

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Casey Hudson, Director and Producer of Mass Effect 3, was asked to make statements on the two major issues plaguing the game. In regards to the endings, he said that he "didn’t want the game to be forgettable, and even right down to the sort of polarizing reaction that the ends have had with people." Suffice to say that he has reached his goal in both respects there. In regards to "From Ashes," the game's day one DLC, he said that the initial outrage is dying down as "common sense" is winning over the crowds. On that one, we're not so sure he's on the mark.

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Dualsmg14 on March 15, 2012
Yes instead of making a logical, great ending that wouldn't be forgettable, let's make a nonsensical one that everyone hates. At least if it sucks we'll know for sure that people won't forget.
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