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BioWare Butters Up Fanbase With Free DLC

You'll forget all about the ending if you get some free stuff, right?

By Dylan Coffey on 4/6/2012
After widespread disillusionment with the ending of Mass Effect 3, BioWare is looking for any way to earn back the love of its fans. One way to do this, as learned from Sony after their hacking debacle way back when, is to give us lots of free stuff. BioWare has confirmed that the Resurgence Multiplayer DLC pack will be made available to all owners of Mass Effect 3 at no additional charge starting on April 10th. This pack features new maps, weapons, and character classes for the game's multiplayer mode.

It's no surprise that BioWare is offering this pack for free. They really infuriated the fanbase for Mass Effect with their choice of ending for the series' magnum opus. The legitimacy of that outrage aside, BioWare is running a business and they need their buyers to be happy. Giving away some multiplayer content is sure to smooth the path for future DLC packs, as part of the consumers' complaints regarded the inclusion of From Ashes as Day One DLC. Whatever your stance, be sure to take advantage of the Resurgence pack next week.
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