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BioShock: Infinite
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Bioshock: Infinite Will Not Feature Multiplayer

Ken Levine confirms the rumors via Twitter

By Daniel Jones on 11/24/2012
Bioshock: Infinite has had a rough development. That's putting it mildly. The reason for this trouble is still unknown, but many people have speculated that the game's planned multiplayer modes may have had a negative impact on the productivity of the team at Irrational Games. And today's news should bolster that theory.

Ken Levine, interacting with a fan on Twitter, announced that Bioshock: Infinite will no longer feature any kind of multiplayer mode. User that_don_101 asked Levine "Can you clear up whether or not Bioshock Infinite will have multplayer modes?" To which the developer replied "Nope." And when asked for clarification "Does that mean nope it won't or nope you can't clear that issue up?" Levine answered with a definitive "No multi."

That sounds pretty much like a confirmation that Bioshock: Infinite will be a solo experience only. Hopefully this allows the team to shore up the single player campaign and make sure the game lives up to the lofty expectations fans have placed on it.

Source @IGLevine 
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