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Binary Domain
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Binary Domain's Real Ultimate Pre-Orders

Fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet are these pre-order benefits.

By Dylan Coffey on 4/25/2012
 Binary Domain is looking totally sweet. Like, it's looking so ultra sweet that Sega is dropping ten trillion pre-order benefits for it. Dan Marshall is gonna be able to kill anyone he wants once he's powered up with the SOWSAR-17 SBMOD type G assault rifle and he will be able to flip out all the time with increased Health, Defense, or Reload speed. If you want him to totally uppercut the bad guys, you're gonna wanna pre-order  Binary Domain through Sega's e-store before the 27th. The Steam benefits are the totally awesome ones, though. Why? Here's why.

Embedded Image

Steam pre-orderers will be able to unlock the totally authentic Ninja costumes seen above. They also get a high-rise map pack chock full of windows to jump through when you're flipping out and two authentic Japanese ninja guns, the Yamato-0 handgun and the Hoga Type 69 sniper rifle. You will gain totally awesome ninja powers to use on either team during multiplayer, so be sure to read up on Sega's inspiration for the ninja class so you can play them like ninja. Totally!

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