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Baldur's Gate
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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Rerelease Will Be Less Than $10

A staple of the genre is reborn - on your iPhone.

By Dylan Coffey on 3/27/2012
The Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is an iOS game, yeah, but it comes from the pedigree of the original Baldur's Gate, PC RPG classic that it was. There were many worries about this remake being saddled on the iOS, but details gained today from Beamdog alleviate those worries, primarily by confirming a low price point for the game. Beamdog's Cameron Tofer told Kotaku that charging more than $10 for the game "doesn't make sense," which we agree with. A double digit price point for a mobile phone/tablet game would simply be absurd.

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The Enhanced Edition includes co-operative multiplayer just like the original Baldur's Gate as well, which is a highly appropriate feature in a mobile rehashing of a classic. Fans of the series will also be elated to know that the company also confirmed progress on a similarly enhanced version of Baldur's Gate II, slated for a release some time later this year. What do you think about this sudden trend of re-releasing classic RPGs in bite-sized form? Let us know in the comments section below.

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