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25th Anniversary Street Fighter Bundle Is A Behemoth

Four games and tons of goodies for less than $200 sounds good to us!

By Dylan Coffey on 5/24/2012
With all its ups and downs, Street Fighter has always been a fun franchise to love and hate. With a bouncing competitive scene, huge cast of characters, and distinct refusal to take itself too seriously, the 25-year-old series continues to distinguish itself from the crowd with titles like Street Fighter IV. To commemorate the long-running success of the franchise, Capcom is bringing forth a truly titanic collector's edition, pictured below. Priced at only $149.99, the 25th Anniversary Collector's Set offers quite a bang for your buck. Check it out:

Embedded Image

The set includes four games, all playable on modern consoles (Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixStreet Fighter III: Third StrikeStreet Fighter IV Arcade Edition, and, of course, Street Fighter X Tekken) with a chunk of DLC for the latter two games. It also includes eleven discs worth of Street Fighter music from titles across the franchise's history, an art book, a Street Fighter themed belt, a Ryu figurine, a "making of" documentary and a certificate of authenticity. Consider that just Street Fighter IV AE and Street Fighter X Tekken are worth an easy $100 alone, this package is an easy buy for fans of the series looking to have a nice set to show off. 

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Elleyena on May 25, 2012
While I haven't actually played much of Street fighter, this set is definitely on my wishlist. I'm a fan of fighting games, and I'm a total collector.  Looking forward to snagging one of these!

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